products about us correction 101 faqs

1. What type of applicators are available for Liquid Paper Correction Fluid?

2. Does Liquid Paper offer stock colors?

3. Do we offer a thinner for Liquid Paper?

4. What is the shelf life of Liquid Paper?

5. How do I remove Liquid Paper correction fluid from clothing?

6. What do I do if I get Liquid Paper correction fluid on my skin?

7. Do we offer custom Liquid Paper colors?

8. Is the history of Liquid Paper available?

9. What should I do if the pen tip on my correction pen (including the pen tip on the 2 in 1 correction combo) is clogged up and won’t work?

10. How do I get my Liquid Paper correction tape to wind back up?

11. What should I do if my product is not working properly?

12. Requests for the MSDS sheet

13. Where can you buy Liquid Paper products?

14. What is the correct way to store my correction pen?

To fix any of our correction tapes, on a spare piece of paper, simply use the dispenser as normal. Place paper on firm flat surface. Position tip at angle to paper and slowly roll. Maintain firm, even pressure. The dispenser will begin to self-wind the tape back into its spool, thus fixing itself. When the tape is taut, your dispenser is ready for action. Most Liquid Paper correction tapes also come with a turn screw feature, which can be used to rewind your correction tape as well. If your tape is twisted or won’t wind, DO NOT cut the tape because your correction tape will no longer function.

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