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DryLine® Mini

Tape Size:

5mm x 5m (1/5 W x 16.4' L)

Product Features:

Lays down smooth and corrects instantly with no mess

Convenient mini size for day planners, pencil cases and book bags

Side application improves visibility while correcting

No drying time needed before copying, faxing, rewriting or typing

Ideal for correcting single or multiple lines of text before copying or faxing

Dispenser Color:

Light Blue




Light Blue Blue Green Purple



Pink Orange

Place your paper on a firm, flat surface. Position the tip of the applicator flat on the paper and slowly roll over the error while maintaining firm, even pressure. When area is completely covered, stop and lift dispenser.

DryLine Mini is the perfect product for someone on the go. With a convenient mini size, this correction tape is perfect for anything from pencil cases to book bags. The side applicator allows you to easily see while correcting anything from a single letter to multiple lines of text. DryLine Mini applies dry and allows you to correct and rewrite instantly with no fuss or mess.